Fuel your workforce with knowledge sharing culture

An employee engagement platform which allows employees to learn and grow with smart knowledge sharing tools and knowledge repositories.

Vneda's team member explaining the HR manager about various Uses of Vneda's KSP as Digital Library, Corporate library, etc.

Our Solution

Vneda is an intra-connected social platform for employees within an organization. It empowers employees to capture, communicate, share and store knowledge in a secure and safe way. Moreover, Vneda provides a wide variety of curated content at one disposal.


Unlimited Storage

For all your content

Content Broadcasting

To make public and private announcements

Smart Search Engine

To get the best and most accurate results

Knowledge Repository

Provides physical and digital content


For enhanced user engagement and organisational productivity

Rewards & Recognition

To appreciate efforts and motivate employees

Physical Library

1.2 Lac+ titles across 45 categories

Complete Admin Control

For proper monitoring

24*7 Support

For complete assistance


A corporate manager is raising the arrow of positive growth and employees are contributing there work to raise productivity.

Increase poductivity of your employees

Vneda increases employee productivity as it allows employees to connect with other employees in an organization, share knowledge, learn from eachother's experiences and helps overcome organizational silos, giving employees the right information to succeed.

Three employees working together to move four cogs as a result of employee teamwork

Employee engagement through reading and learning resources

As an employee engagement platform, Vneda engages employees around knowledge and appropriate content in the form of articles, videos, e-books, podcasts, books etc. Additionally, Vneda recognizes and rewards employees by giving them ranks on the leardership board for learning and spreading their knowledge and content.

Employees connected with each other by a intra connected network

Social networking within organization for employees to connect

Equips employees to connect with other employees via a safe and secure intra-connected network. This lets employees communicate directly with one and another or with a group. Also, employees can share what's on thier mind on the private company wall.

Magnified image of an employee from a group of employees

Enhance employee branding

Let the employees be the voice of the organisation. With Vneda's knowledge sharing tools, they can spread their experiences, learnings, feedbacks etc. with other organsaitons and be the organisations brand ambassadors.

You are in good company

Use Cases