Two product team employees measuring product growth with the help of statistics diagrams.

Vneda for Product Teams

Put forward a seamless product roadmap

  • Share and circulate your product concept, go-to market plan with your team in a group made precisely for that product or feature.

  • Utilize antecedent experiences of senior leadership teams or fellow colleagues to avoid unnecessary problems.

  • Execute your product plan by defining workflows and assigning tasks for your marketers, designers and developers in specific groups.

  • Get team feedback and opinion instantly on your shared post which could also be about which product or feature to release first.

Ways how Vneda helps in product development roadmap: Making Product Strategy, Avoid Silos, Instant Feedback

Collaborate and share content with teams across the product life cycle

  • Turn the product you imagined into reality by collaborating on mocks and visual designs with design and development teams via group chats. Save your drafts and work in progress in personal and centralized repository.

  • Get required content for a skill set you need with Vneda’s deep search be it from the centralized repository or by ordering books from our physical library.

  • Enable your marketing team to get the product to the end user better. Share product information including release dates, features, benefits and competitor analysis through group chats or in centralized repository.

Product developer lifecycle: Plan your product, Build your product, Release your product

Have real time and instant feedback, opinions from teams and management

  • Share the new product with the teams and management through group chat or by posting on the company’s wall. There and then get real time feedback and opinions in the form of comments or likes.

  • Get honest opinions and feedback from external stakeholders by adding them as guest on Vneda’s platform.

  • Offer and share your expertise, experience and learnings with others which would help them in future projects and to inculcate the habit of knowledge sharing within your team and organization.