Marketing team of four consist of Marketing Head, Sales person, Brand manager and R&D person standing,

Vneda for Marketing Teams

Hit the ground running for your marketing campaign

  • Share concepts and ideas around your marketing plan, events, blogs, etc. with the team.

  • Build and team up on marketing collateral like blogs, vlogs, videos and more.

  • Get the team to ideate and pitch in the chat group or in the company page channel on Vneda.

  • Have all your employees, teams and marketing processes and procedures on one platform.

How Vneda can help in Marketing Strategy: Campaign Building, Content Creation, Content Distribution

Work with multiple stakeholders and teams

  • Have your consultants, freelancers, third party agencies and vendors work under one roof by adding them as guests on Vneda.

  • Collaborate on ventures with teams and departments working at a distant in real time.

  • To better explain your marketing collateral designs, ideas and materials, easily share your files and folders with teams.

Work with external teams: Add a guest, Share concept, Work together

No missing deadlines on your marketing collateral

  • Create, circulate and share your advertisement campaign or promotional materials to release your product or software.

  • List all your personal and team tasks, from scripting to designing, assign them to individuals and set deadlines by sharing them on group chat.

  • Apprise your teams to make and share PR articles or weekly circulate media coverage by posting it on the company’s wall or through group messaging.

Zero delays in marketing plan execution: Develop, A-B Testing, Feedback

Keep adding new skills to the team

  • Build new skills and add to existing skills of your team members by searching for useful knowledge base and skills on Vneda.

  • Share your market experiences, expertise, analysis, best practices, etc. for team members to learn on the job and from past experiences.

  • Let the company’s wall be every employee’s blank canvas where they can post what they want.

  • Use the leadership and reward recognition board to appreciate best shared content.

Keep Growing: Sharing skills, Learn, Execute