HR Manager interviewing a candidate. Posters of Job announcement and Talent selection.

Vneda for Human Resources

Recruit the most appropriate talent, faster and build existing employee skills set

  • Finding the right talent can be draining and time consuming, however your procedures needn’t be. Easily collaborate with various stakeholders by sharing interview tests, questions, applicant data and feedback in a single group or via a post with everyone.

  • Post job openings for referrals from employees in real time or post internal job postings to promote learning and growth opportunities.

  • Create department wise online courses and share with the employees for building on their existing skill sets and for them to explore new skills.

Ways how Vneda can help in recruitment: find talent, internal postings, targeted knowledge creation

Go faster with onboarding of new recruits

  • Make inductions and orientation a breeze by having discussions and chat groups. Be HR buddies to the new recruits and share information on joining formalities, documentation needed, employee handbooks, etc.

  • Support new intakes find their mentors. Set up online profiles of the whole team for the new recruits to know everyone beforehand.

  • Circulate and share all forms, operating plans, appraisal forms and other documents through the company’s central repository.

Ways how Vneda can help in faster onboarding: Induction & Orientation Content, Profile creation, Document & Policies Documentation.

Inculcate the habit of sharing and enable an open culture

  • Get employees to share information across the company by centralizing communications and making internal communications, HR policies, manuals and procedures searchable and accessible.

  • Apprise everyone of company developments. Share changes in policy, awards won or employee engagement activities on the company’s wall.

  • Make newbies familiar with the organization’s vision, long term goals, culture, history, etc. by posting and sharing such content.

Ways how Vneda creates a Culture of Sharing: Centralized Communication, Rewards & Recognition, Flat Hierarchy

Have constructive feedback sessions and do away with organizational hierarchy

  • Share one-on-one sessions and get instant feedback through group chats and comments.

  • Effectively create, publish and organize communication like performance review cycles, updates from top management, employee feedback loops, etc. No coding skills required.

  • Engage your employees and get to know popular opinions on employee engagement activities and yearly retreat trips.

  • Let thoughts and opinions flow freely and be shared through content creation and posts.

Vneda creates an organizational hierarchy by instant feedback, program review, thought & opinion sharing