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A female sales head of an organization presenting the sales statistics to three sales team members

Vneda for Sales team

Be well informed of your leads, customers and pipelines

  • Track your potential leads, customers and watch your pipeline grow.
  • Get notifications for new leads generated, any alteration in lead status, or when you convert a prospect into a client in your sales team group.
  • Prepare to perfection for every client meeting or call, by creating and assigning to-do’s to your sales team via group chats.
  • Create, upload and share content where employees can easily access and use it as and when the need arises.

Vneda for Human Resources

Recruit the most appropriate talent, faster and build existing employee skills set

  • Finding the right talent can be draining and time consuming, however your procedures needn’t be. Collaborate with ease with various stakeholders by sharing interview tests, questions, applicant data and feedback in a single group or via a post with everyone.
  • Post job openings for referrals from employees in real time or post internal job postings to promote learning and growth opportunities.
  • Create department wise online courses and share with the employees for building on their skill sets and for them to explore new skills.
Magnified image of one out of Seven candidates, selected in the HR recruitment process
IT head explaining the processes to carry out, to his two team members by showing pie charts and infographics on background

Vneda for IT teams

Create and search content on the go and create value

  • With Vneda, employees can create and upload content. Once uploaded, it becomes searchable, secured and centralized in Vneda’s knowledge repository for all who need it.
  • Information is securely accessible from any device for the teams to stay well connected and apprised. With a click of mouse, employees can have access to diagnostics, find relevant and urgent information which in turn might help them solve a burning issue.
  • Vneda forms the foundation of successful, effective and efficient, cross-team project communication, so teams can release earlier, more frequently, and more iteratively, to deliver value to the organization faster.

Vneda for Product teams

Put forward a seamless product roadmap

  • Share and circulate your product concept, go-to market plan with your team in a group made precisely for that product or feature.
  • Utilize antecedent experiences of senior leadership teams or fellow colleagues to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • Execute your product plan by defining workflows and assigning tasks for your marketers, designers and developers in specific groups.
  • Get team feedback and opinion instantly on your shared post which could also be about which product or feature to release first.
Three members of the product team discussing the product by analyzing the figures
The marketing team of three, developing the marketing strategies by analyzing wave chart

Vneda for Marketing teams

Hit the ground running for your marketing campaign

  • Share concepts and ideas around your marketing plan, events, blogs etc. with the team.
  • Build and team up on marketing collateral like blogs, vlogs, videos and more.
  • Get the team to ideate and pitch in the chat group or in the company page channel on Vneda.
  • Have all your employees, teams and marketing processes and procedures on one platform.

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