The Knowledge Sharing Platform

An Infographic showing  Vneda's KSP features like Knowledge Sharing, Smart search engine, Knowledge repositories, etc.

What is Vneda?

Vneda provides tools to create and share content within an organization and its employees. This content can be in the form articles, videos, podcasts, courses, e-books etc. One’s content is safely stored in our knowledge repositories so that users can get access to their content anytime and anywhere. Our knowledge repositories are a unique built in database that systematically captures, organizes, and categorizes content hence, strengthening organizational learning and memory.

Be a creator and a consumer

Build engaging content and produce visuals that catch attention.

Share created and curated knowledge in the form of articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, courses, e-books etc.

Have colleagues comment on your content and like it.

Be a discoverer

AI powered deep search.

Search and explore the content you need be it by your colleagues or organizations curated content or both.

Visual results that are easy to read.

Never get old or outdated

Be aware of trending and popular content among your colleagues and organization.

Get to know about regional and localized content.

Be a storer and collector

Have your private content stored, organized and categorized in the personal repository.

For your organizational content, templates and formats, have them stored, organized and categorized in the central repository.

Content be it in the personal or central repository is accessible from anywhere or any device.

Make teamwork a breeze

Bring your teams together with team messaging where you can have group discussions around projects, departmental goals and meetings.

Beat organizational and departmental silos with one on one chats around mutual interests or future team collaborations.

Access to the whole organizations directory.


Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage to share and upload your folders and files with an ease to access them from everywhere and on any device.

Content Broadcasting

Announcement and content broadcasting on a single click within your organization and on public wall to keep your employees and users well informed.

Knowledge Repository

Knowledge repository of digital and physical resources. Access to collection of hundreds of thousand knowledge resources through your device.

Smart Search Engine

AI powered smart search engine to provide the best and most relevant search results within fraction of seconds to cater all your needs.

Rewards & Recognition

An initiative to appreciate the habit of reading, learning and sharing through a leadership board and goodies from our partner companies.


Sales team leader presenting sales figures in bar diagram with two employees on a white board

Vneda for Sales and Marketing teams

  • Sync and inform all your team members to beat silos through a cloud based collaboration

  • Work jointly by creating, organising , discussing and confirming the plans and follow up with fellow team members

  • Create minutes of meeting, sales report, progress report, decision pages, etc. to keep your team updated

  • Get access to all relevant knowledge resources to explore case specific or general content

Hands Picking up three out of Six candidates in the talent selection process

Vneda for HR teams

  • Centralise your communications to make internal communication, HR policies, etc. searchable and accessible.

  • Engage your employees and get to know their feedback, opinions etc.

  • Publish and organise knowledge and communication for review cycles, employee feedback, internal job postings, etc.

  • Create department wise knowledge resources for building on exisitng and new skills of employees

Three IT employees making a group discussion about some statistics shown on a chart in the background

Vneda for IT Teams

  • Peer-to-peer group communication to address tickets and enquiries

  • Be in sync with other team members by knowing what they are up to

  • Expand your knowledge and skills through domain specific knowledge resources

  • Share your learnings and experiences with others to help them in problem solving

Management panel of three, taking feedback and solving query of an employee of the organization

Vneda for Management Teams

  • Transparent communication for better emloyee-employer relationship

  • Create a flat hirerachy through peer-to-peer direct communication and feedaback

  • Make internal and public announcements to keep everyone well informed

  • Real time monitoring of employee activities to understand employees behaviour


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