Your old corporate library with new collection

1.5 Lac+ titles across 45+ categories

An organization's employee reading a book and sitting on a pile of books.

Corporate Library

A white label corporate platform that allows employees across India to order books, read and return them at their own convenience. It gives employees options to choose from a wide collection of books with different genres like self-help, fiction, non-fiction, etc.

White Label Platform

White label customized platform which is secure and enables employees to order, read and return books.

Competency Building and Reading Shelf

Personal reading and bookshelf mapped with competencies and relevant categories.

Access to Curated and Created Content

Access to different types of curated and created content like audios, videos, podcasts, etc.

Delivery and Pickup of Physical Books

PAN India doorstep delivery and pickup of books in 350+ cities.

Knowledge Feed

Social cum knowledge feed to hook employees around relevant knowledge resources.

Account for every Employee

Dedicated account for every employee to share, create, and consume knowledge.

Corporate Library Collection

Three pages of articles/checklists


One click play video icon


Graduation cap kept on three course books


Easy readable ebook pages flipping out of a ebook reader

e Books

Audio recording and hearing options as headphones and a stage mic


Insightful bulb


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