How unknowingly your organization is wasting its resources?

Does your organization use different platforms various organizational knowledge sharing and management? If yes, is it easy for you to manage all of them?

The changing work environment and pace have changed the way companies manage their organizational resources. All the 4 kinds of resources, Human, Information, Physical and Financial holds crucial importance in any organization. 

And knowing the value of those resources, there are some amazing platforms on rising. Those platforms help to amplify the efforts in the management of an organization’s resources.

Types of Platforms Used by Organizations for Learning Needs

  • Knowledge Management Platform

Such platforms help corporates to manage and organize their organizational data, information or knowledge which is important for the organization and its employees. Those platforms help in the retrieval and management of a collection of data.

  • Knowledge Sharing Platform

Knowledge sharing platform lets employees of an organization to share their learnings and knowledge with their colleagues and learn from each other’s antecedent experiences on a single common platform.

  • Corporate Learning Platform: 

There are many companies that use Corporate learning platforms to provide effective learning and skill development to their employees. Such platforms give services which involve online learning by providing various kinds of digital content to their users.

  • Employee Communication Platform:

Communication is fuel to the work process and many organizations have realized the value of it and use a communication platform that focuses on real-time peer to peer and top-down transmission of messages and helps work in collaboration.

  • Corporate Library: 

Books are the source of immense knowledge and therefore knowing the relevance many organizations try to build a library for their employees or hire any rental book library platform available in the market. Such libraries are considered as a necessary source of knowledge and information for organizations.

  • Employee Reward & Recognition Platforms:

Employee recognition plays an important part in effective employee engagement. Therefore, nowadays there are platforms used mainly for internal recognition with some reward system. Employees interact with each other to gain redeemable points in return to it.

Problems with independent platforms

Even though these platforms satisfy various needs amazingly, yet there are some inescapable issues that you should really worry about.

  • Management of these platforms

All of these platforms demand Admin control to look for management. But, managing these many platforms becomes a hustle for the admins. Neither the employees like to navigate again and again from one platform to another for each different requirement.

  • User Experience Vary

Using various platforms for different knowledge sharing and management needs doesn’t leave space for better feasibility in the process. The members have to switch one to another platform and not every platform is easy to use or user-friendly. Users have to learn and adapt to different algorithms used by particular platforms.

  • Different Credentials

Each platform has its own sign-in process for secure usage of such learning as well as knowledge sharing and management platforms. But it increases the difficulties for the users to recognize those credentials and fill them, again and again, every time a need arises.

  • Value for money

Companies hire these platforms to systematize the efforts they put in the management of organizational needs and in a way to enhance productivity. But, when companies opt for these individual platforms they have to get separate subscriptions for each of them. This process in a way increases the costs and companies have to spend lots of money instead. 

  • Difficulty in Knowledge Integration

On such platforms, the storage is quite specific to the platform which makes the knowledge unification process difficult for the users. The chunk of knowledge stored on a platform isn’t always accessible by the users on another platform. This creates difficulty in integration whenever it is needed.

How to solve these problems?

Even though there are many drawbacks related to those platforms, using them is a necessity for organizations for different purposes. Therefore, with the evolving technology and day by day increasing options on the market, now managers could explore around to find a better option.

The best option for organizations to fulfill their organizational learning needs in a more optimized way would be a Single Platform for all such needs.

Vneda is one such innovative Single Platform for all the learning and management of any organization. This platform has assorted features, that are helping organizations with integrated corporate learning, knowledge sharing, knowledge management, corporate library all at a single stop.

How Vneda can help your organization?

Vneda provides a hybrid approach for organizations that minimize their efforts in management and maximizes the outcomes of the efforts. Being a single platform along with accomplishing the wide range of learning needs in an organization, it renders effective services for its users at a minimal cost as compared to multiple platforms. 

  • Intra connected network

An intraconnected platform for employees to share their knowledge and views with other colleagues. The employees can share their knowledge with the use of smart knowledge sharing tools given on the platform.

  • Pre-built Knowledge Repository

This platform has its pre-built repository to make the learning easier. This repository includes digital content in the form of articles, podcasts, videos, e-books, courses, and infographics.

  • Cloud-based repository

Vneda’s platform provides two kinds of knowledge repositories for users for making knowledge management more constructive. One is a central repository where the Admin (HR/Manager) can upload the knowledge they want to manage and can share the same with employees as well. Another is a Personal repository where employees can curate unlimited data in a secured manner.

  • Corporate Library

Not only the digital content this platform has its own corporate library with approx 2 lac books in various categories. They give doorstep delivery for any book the users want to read. 

  • Peer to Peer/ Team chats:

Vneda allows users to have internal conversations as well as gives the advantage to create teams to work in collaboration and helps in decreasing the communication gap. The chat not only includes text but the users can share pdf files, images, videos, and audios.   

  • Reward & Recognition:

It uses gamification to make learning more exciting and appealing. Whenever employees interact or create and consume content they gain points, which can be used to buy popular gift cards. Another aspect of this platform is that it focuses on employee recognition by using analytics and represents it on a leaderboard. 

  • Admin Control:

Most organizations worry about the administration of such platforms, for this Vneda allows full control for the Admin. The Manager/HR can see what type of content their employees are consuming, control what they should read, appraise them with the help of leaderboard readings. Admins can easily communicate with their employees or can make any announcements for them.

  • Mobile Application:

Vneda’s services come in both forms as a website and as a mobile application. The mobile application version makes it less complicated and more user-friendly for users to create, share, consume and manage knowledge.

You can easily Book a Demo at to experience Vneda’s knowledge sharing and management platform.

It’s the peak time for organizations to make smart choices. Today is the time of those who change with this dynamic world, can move faster, learn quickly and can adapt more rapidly. Organizations need to take care of their resources in a more efficient and effective manner if they want to be in the race.

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