How knowledge sharing can help you with better recruitments?

If you are an HR manager, you must have faced such moments of self-questioning, if the person you are hiring is good enough for a job or not? Even after so much of research and data analysis, employee recruitment is yet a roller coaster ride for employers.

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The HR manager has the toughest task to accomplish in an organization and that is talent recruitment. A good hire is the main source behind the positive progress of an organization and its productivity. But, hiring a perfect person for a position could be a very difficult task for employers.

86% of employers say they have hired the wrong person for a particular position. (Source: CareerBuilder)

Even though there aren’t any boundaries to the applicants available for a position, but the difficulty is who is the one with the exact blend of skills you want to see in your prospective hire.

Every recruiter wants to select the best one from the pool of candidates applying for a job. Nowadays for better hirings, the HR managers are following different trends and are coming up with new strategies to make the recruitment process a bit easier such as using recruitment tools, data analytics, luring talents with the help of social media platforms, employees referrals.

According to CareerBuilder, “82% of employers say that employee referrals generate the best ROI.”

In most companies, recruiters give first preference to referrals by employees. This could be the most effective way to get a list of appropriate candidates for a position in your organization. As the existing employees know the organization better and understand the work culture.

Therefore, when an employee refers to a candidate for a position the employers can trust them instead of a third party or direct hirings. But for such referrals, the employees must be aware of the vacancies available in the company. Many managers use intraconnected networks for their organization such as to convey such information in the form of announcements.

Another effective technique HR person can use is collaborative hiring. In this method, the recruitment team works collaboratively with other departments for the new hirings. In working together with the other departments the risk of bad hiring decreases. If a person is to be hired for the creative team, a person from the creative department can better judge the skills for a proper fit.

Most of the time it is a candidate’s call to apply in your organization because for them employer brand matters as much their skills to you. So, to beat this cut-throat competition in the market for picking up the best talent for a firm, you should take in regards, the benefits your organization will provide to the new hires.

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