The value of knowledge reaches its potential when shared with others

*If you are human, you surely have something to share!

A silhouetted head opened like a lid and filled with books and social connections

Our Vision

To create the largest ecosystem of shared values

About Vneda

Our vision is what drives us to do everything possible. Our priority being to create the largest ecosystem of shared knowledge and values. At vneda, we believe everyone has something to share or teach. At any given point in life, everyone is learning new things and hence everyone is a learner. We are working to create an ecosystem of shared values for every potential learner to connect with other learners across borders and continents.

Our Mission

To reinvent the way people share and consume knowledge

Vneda, provides a Knowledge Sharing Platform which uses a hybrid approach to empower communities like corporates, government organizations, non-government organizations, small and medium enterprises, academic institutions and universities etc. by enabling an ecosystem for knowledge sharing. This platform allows users of any community to create, share, store and consume content or knowledge in a more secure and intra-connected way.

Where does the name Vneda come from?

In India, the Vedas are considered to be the most sacred books. “Veda” means wisdom, knowledge or vision and it manifests the language of god in human speech. From the meaning of the word Vedas, Vneda was derived, implying the chain or network of knowledge and values.